SNABB BUSINESS Top 12 Features: A Comprehensive Guide  



SNABB Business is an application designed for SMEs to manage their financial transactions effortlessly. SNABB Business allows you to log, categorize, and analyze your Sales, Purchases, and Expenses effortlessly at your fingertips on your mobile phone. From grocery store owners to boutique proprietors, SNABB BUSINESS tailors itself to your business needs. Making cash flow management efficient and stress-free.

Explore the revolutionary SNABB BUSINESS app, your ultimate solution for streamlined budget management and financial control. In today’s dynamic business environment, staying on top of your finances is more crucial than ever. And SNABB BUSINESS is designed to make this task not only easy but also insightful. With a user-friendly interface, the app allows you to track every penny with precision, ensuring you are always informed about your incoming and outgoing funds in real-time.

One of SNABB BUSINESS’s standout features is its flexibility in handling various payment types. Whether you transact in cash, through the bank, or any other method, the app seamlessly records all transactions, eliminating the hassle of manual calculations. Smart accounting functionalities make it effortless to incorporate discounts or extra charges, providing a comprehensive view of your financial transactions.

Dealing with suppliers and customers becomes a breeze as the app facilitates easy tracking of partial payments. Say goodbye to missed payments with timely reminders for bills or collections. SNABB BUSINESS introduces ready-to-use categories for efficient spending sorting, including options like Rent, Utilities, and Food. However, if your needs extend beyond the preset categories, you have the freedom to create your own, ensuring you have complete control over categorizing your expenditures.


SNABB BUSINESS is a cutting-edge financial management app designed to empower businesses with efficient and stress-free control over their finances. This comprehensive tool redefines budget management, offering a user-friendly platform that allows businesses to effortlessly track every financial transaction in real-time. With easy-to-use categories, users can gain instant insights into their income and expenses, ensuring they are always informed and in control of their financial situation.

The app’s flexibility shines through its accommodation of various payment types, seamlessly recording cash transactions, bank transfers, and more. Smart accounting features further simplify financial tracking, enabling users to effortlessly incorporate discounts or additional charges without the need for complex calculations.

SNABB BUSINESS goes beyond mere transaction tracking, making dealings with suppliers and customers a breeze. The app efficiently manages partial payments, providing timely reminders for bill payments and collections to prevent surprises. Ready-made categories such as Rent, Utilities, and Food facilitate straightforward sorting of expenses, while the option to create custom categories ensures personalized control over expenditure categorization.

The app doesn’t stop at transactional details; it provides valuable insights into spending patterns and earnings, offering quick tips and advice. SNABB BUSINESS also looks into the future, predicting potential sales and expenditures to aid businesses in strategic planning.

SNABB BUSINESS Financial Tool Features

  1. Premium Features: Snabb Business provides a range of premium features designed to take your financial control to the next level.
  2. Expense Reports: Allows users to effortlessly generate detailed expense reports. This feature provides a breakdown of expenditures, enabling businesses to monitor and analyse spending patterns.
  3. Purchase Reports: The application offers insightful purchase reports, allowing businesses to track and manage procurement activities and understand their financial health.
  4. Sales Reports: Snabb Business provides comprehensive sales reports. These reports allow decision-makers with the information needed to lead the business to the right direction.
  5. Cash Flow Reports: It’s a tool that aids in strategic financial planning. By providing a clear picture of the cash flow dynamics, businesses can make informed decisions to ensure financial stability and growth.
  6. Web Access: Snabb Business offers web access. This means you can manage your business on the go, ensuring that you are always in control, no matter where you are.
  7. Invoice Maker: This feature streamlines your entire invoicing workflow. It provides ready-to-share professional invoices, adding a layer of professionalism to your client interactions.
  8. Credit Debit Management: Snabb Business offers robust credit and debit management features. These features not only maintain financial accuracy but also contribute to a nuanced understanding of your organization’s financial dynamics.
  9. Unlimited Entries: Snabb Business provides the flexibility of recording unlimited entries. This adaptability ensures that the application grows with your business.
  10. Graphical Representation: Snabb Business facilitates a dynamic graphical representation these visualizations offer a comprehensive and easy-to-understand overview of your business performance, making data-driven decisions more intuitive.
  11. Expense Management: It allows you to not only track but also manage all your business expenses meticulously.
  12. Desktop View: The desktop view ensures convenient and efficient navigation, allowing you to analyze your financial health with the ease of viewing your financial statements on a desktop screen.


In conclusion, SNABB BUSINESS stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of financial management, providing businesses with a robust and user-friendly tool for navigating the complexities of budget control. With its real-time tracking capabilities, flexible payment options, and smart accounting features, the app empowers users to effortlessly monitor their financial landscape. The ease of dealing with suppliers and customers, coupled with the app’s foresight into future financial trends, makes SNABB BUSINESS an invaluable asset for strategic planning.

The app’s commitment to simplicity extends to spending categorization, insights generation, and report creation. This is ensuring that businesses have comprehensive control and understanding of their financial health. This app is more than a transaction tracker; it is a pocket-sized financial advisor. That is offering practical solutions and facilitating stress-free financial management. Download the app now to unlock a new era of efficiency and confidence in managing your business finances. Elevate your financial control with SNABB BUSINESS today.